Trove is for readers, writers, and anyone who wants to treasure their knowledge.

Save anything from the web

  • Quickly save any web page with the browser extension or from the web dashboard. Search & organize them with collections or tags.
  • The browser extension allows you to save text snippets. Just select the text or paragraph, right click and save it to your Trove.
  • The browser extension allows you to save images (png, jpg & gif). Just right click on the image and save it to your Trove.
  • Trove automatically detects if a page contains video(s). Just save the page normally and Trove will label it as video.
  • Trove automatically detects pdfs and categorizes it in your dashboard. Just click on the browser extension and Save to Trove.
  • Detecting code snippets is still under development.

Why Trove?

What you read is what you are. We inherently believe that your knowledge is the inner compass guiding your life. Hence, it has to be protected, secure & private.

With Trove, you focus on your knowledge without the fear of someone listening to you.



Bookmarks stored in Trove are encrypted, by default. No one, not even Trove, can read it. Only you (your browser or device where you are signed in) hold the encryption keys to decrypt your data.

Privacy by Default

Privacy by Default

Privacy is the core value of Trove. We respect privacy since bookmarks are sacred to a person & their reading habit. We have used Blockstack and Gaia to ensure that your bookmarks are private and safe.

User Owned

User Owned

Bookmarks in Trove are owned by you and you alone. It is stored in your personal storage either provided by Blockstack or hosted by yourself. No one has access to your personal storage and the data are also encrypted in Trove.



Designed with elegance, Trove provides a simple yet powerful interface to organize your bookmarks. We encourage putting them into Collections for ease.

Bookmarks stored in Trove are secure, encrypted and only readable by you (identity).

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