Trove is a secure bookmarking application to save and organize anything from the web.

It is a decentralized app (DApp) powered by Blockstack and Gaia storage. The technology empowers people to have control over their identity and provides access to their data without compromising privacy and security.

For us, Trove symbolizes a space where anyone can store their valuable content. It can never read nor access data from your reading workspace. In a world, where everything is overexposed by companies, we thought the simplest we could do was to protect the mysteries of our minds by creating Trove.


Trove was founded in June 2019 with collaboration with Moonlit Solution, Expresiv Studios and Bitsbeat. The team is primarily based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The core team members are: Princi Koirala, Aayush Subedi, Prashish Rajbhandari, Sandeep Shrestha, Arun Poudel, Pradeep KC & Sasankh BC.